Debut EP "Warfare" to be reissued in exclusive Japanese editions

In September the debut ep “Warfare” will be re-released by Tokyo label B.I.J Records in Japan. The new edition will feature new remixes and also  a live version of “Oath” from SO36, Berlin December 18.

Following this IY will be doing a promotional tour of Japan this autumn. More news on this will follow, and concert dates will be announced. 

The releasefest for the debut EP “Warfare” will take place in Stockholm, and will be hosted by Klubb DÖD. The date is set to the 8th of March and the venue will be “Landet” in southern Stockholm.

“Dear Fabrika population,
We are very excited to announce the first release of 2019. Isolated Youth is one of the most wonderful and emotional bands Sweden ever gave the world and we are happy to welcome them in the Family!
Find out for yourself and don’t miss their powerfull live shows supporting Lebanon Hanover in Hamburg 07.12 and in Berlin 08.12.”  Fabrika Records



Pre-sale tickets to the concert in Berlin 8/12 are now sold out. A limited number of extra tickets will be sold at the door of the venue, SO36, on the concert night.

This time Isolated Youth will travel to Oslo in November. IY will support British renowned duo “The KVB” at Revolver on the 12th of November. 

“Postpunk On Collision Course” – Isolated Youth recently did an interview with Swedish music magazine “Gaffa” talking about the “Safety” remix and depicting the collisions in Isolated Youth’s music. Read here


Isolated Youth announces two December shows alongside Lebanon Hanover in Germany. On the 7th in Hamburg at the M/S Stubnitz before heading to Berlin and the legendary venue SO36 the following day.

Read more about the collaboration on where the video was premiered. 

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